January 2016

Happy New Year

Dates for your diary

Spring term dates

Starts Monday 4th January

Half term is 15th February to
Friday 19th February

Term ends Friday 25th March

It's All About The Music

First Dance Studios show

11th to 13th February

Joining Forces Show

18th to 21st May

Now the Christmas pudding has been finally digested, and the New Year empty bottles have been carted off by the recycling, it's time to stop holding it all in and get your dancing shoes back on!

This year will be a very busy one; along-side our full schedule of Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Contemporary and Zumba classes, which start on Monday 4th January, we will also be putting together our Joining Forces community show, plus working on a number of other productions.

So hang on to your hats (or tiara's) and let's get 2016 off to a flying start...

Mincing pies

It was a great Mincing Pies celebration as usual! So we can’t resist sharing a few photos...

pies pies pies pies

Thank you to everyone who came and shared in the festivities.


Joining Forces

Joining Forces Dates

First Rehearsals

Sunday 10th January

Sunday run-throughs

First run-through 24th April

Second run-through 8th May


Wednesday 18th, Thursday 19th, Friday 20th and Saturday 21st May

In 2008 Woking Dance Space set out to create a new type of dance event.

This was not our usual all out extravaganza; not every group can afford to hire and crew a venue for a week, and the idea of this show is to provide local groups an opportunity to perform in a theatre.

With the exception of 2012, when we took a break for the Olympics, we have hosted our 'Joining Forces' community show at the Rhoda McGaw theatre every two years, and 2016 is no exception.

As with previous Joining Forces shows there will be one WDS piece from each discipline; Ballet, Tap, Jazz and Contemporary, along with a great EPIC from Gretchen and dances from all of our guest groups. Sign-up sheets went up last year and rehearsals start on Sunday 10th January.

Even if you did not sign-up to dance, please come along to the show and support those who are giving their all. Its so much nicer dancing in front of a packed and appreciative house.

Pauline Steps Down

As you may be aware Pauline Barnes is stepping down as a Trustee.


Pauline is one of the original trustees who started Woking Dance Space back in 1995. Since then she has looked after all of the finances, class payments, studio bookings and letting in external hires.

To celebrate her 20 years at the studio we held a little presentation ceremony at the Mincing Pies Christmas Party where Pauline received a picture book of memories, a boxed set of DVDs and most importantly, the freedom of the Studio.

Don't panic if you were not around at Mincing Pies, Pauline will continue to come to Zumba classes, so take the chance to thank her for all her work for the studio.

We are currently working to reassign all the many duties that Pauline performed, so let us know if you’d like to help, particularly if you live near the studio and can let hirers in occasionally.

It's All About The Music

First Dance will be holding their show 'It's All About The Music' from 11th to 13th February at the Rhoda McGaw Theatre.

As with previous year, WDS dancers will be guest performers in the show.

For more information and tickets visit the First Dance web site.

The Magic Flute

Scene Change Productions (supported by WAOS) will be performing The Magic Flute at the Rhoda McGaw theatre Woking on 23rd to 28th February 2016.

Eight WDS dancers will be performing as Monsters, Animals, Birds and anything else that comes to Gretchens mind as she choreographs for the production.

For more information and tickets visit the WAOS web site.