April 2014

Joining Forces

Show Special


Show run-throughs

At the studio

Sunday 13th and 27th April

Theatre rehearsals

At the theatre

Sunday 11th Act One starts 7:00pm

Monday 12th Act Two starts 7:00pm

Dress rehearsal

Tuesday 13th May starts 7:30pm


Wednesday 14th to Saturday 17th May, curtain up 7:30pm

Don't Panic!

It's showtime! We are almost ready to move into the Rhoda McGaw Theatre for a memorable week of Joining Forces. Here are some reminders and things to keep in mind, and if you are unsure about anything, please ask!

Show tickets

If you haven't already got them, get your ticket orders in fast as most of Friday and Saturday has already gone!

Good seats still available for Wednesday and Thursday but don’t hang around. Forms are in the studio or online via the website.


Dressing rooms have been assigned and be warned, it will be cosy! Please leave all valuables like watches and jewelry at home and bring only what you need, including costumes, makeup, hair things, undergarments and water. Dressing Room lists will be posted at the theatre (which has been refurbished and we introduce Dressing Room Five!).

When you arrive at the theatre come in through the Rhoda McGaw Stage Door, which is next to the scene dock and driveway. You may not park on the ramp, not even briefly to drop off someone, so don't even think about it. Parking is available in the multi story car parks and across the bridge. You Must Sign IN and OUT each evening!


We will run a warm up each night at 6:30. This is optional, but if you chose not to warm up with the group, it is up to you to warm up properly for your dancing.

At 6:45 we will run the Walk Down Bow. The Technical rehearsals will start promptly at 7pm, you must be ready with costumes and makeup for your time slot. We will be arranging the lights, and hopefully will give each group the chance to dance the number twice but we must keep on schedule so make sure all dancers are ready.

You may sit in the auditorium when not dancing, but please remember not to use the bottom side door to the theatre! Individual timings will be posted backstage and in the dressing rooms.


We will run Warm Up at 6:30 and the Walk Down Bow at 6:45. Then we will run the show starting at 7:30. There will be photographers and we will not stop unless absolutely necessary.

You may watch other numbers from the audience but be backstage in plenty of time for your numbers, traveling out the auditorium doors, down the stairs and thru the door to the backstage area. Carol White is the Stage Manager and will call you from your dressing room when it is time to go side of stage. You must be silent backstage and in the scene dock! During the interval (20 minutes) there will be no access to the stage as we must lower the bars.

lean swan


After the show we will be holding a cast and crew party in the Theatre Lobby. Please remove all your belongings from backstage and the dressing rooms and (if needed) hang your WDS costumes on the rails in the scene dock, BEFORE you come to the party.

Have a great time celebrating, and then please come back on Sunday Morning at 9am to help with the GET OUT - we need help rolling the floor, clearing the rubble and transporting costumes and props back to the studio. Many hands make light work of this, and there will be most of Sunday left to relax if we all chip in.

Have a wonderful time performing and thank you for Joining Us! Break A Leg Everyone!!!

Fun stuff

We have created a range of WDS and Spirit in Motion t-shirts, sweat-shirts and accessories, take a look at https://shop.spreadshirt.co.uk/292712/

You can also create your own designs if you want.