April 2013

Spirit in Motion

Show Special


Dates for your diary

Show run-throughs

At the studio

Sunday 21st and 28th April

Technical rehearsal

At the theatre

Sunday 12th and Monday 13th May

Dress rehearsal

Tuesday 14th May


Wednesday 15th to Saturday 18th May

Don't Panic!

Do you have all your costumes sorted out?

Do you have all your make-up, hair and props?

Just make a list, check it twice! And remember there are lots of people around who can help!

Show tickets

If you haven't already got them, get your ticket orders in fast as most of Friday and Saturday has already gone!

Good seats still available for Wednesday and Thursday but don’t hang around. Forms are in the studio or online via the website.

Sunday run-throughs

There are two Sunday run throughs, 21st April and 28th April, timings for each dance are posted in the studio.

The times posted are the start times, so please make sure you arrive in time to get into your costume. Also remember or bring your make-up, we will be taking photographs for each group on Sunday 21st.

This will be the first chance for the Director and the Crew to see all the dances. Please remember to bring all of your costumes, props etc.

Theatre Rehearsals

There are three dress rehearsals at the Rhoda McGaw theatre.

On Sunday evening we will be rehearsing half of the numbers – check the list in the changing room to see the timetable, and then the remaining ones on the following Monday evening. On Tuesday there is a full Dress Rehearsal of both Acts, in order (practice those costume changes!) and the walk down Bow in its proper place at the end of the show.

The rehearsals will start promptly at 7pm but we will be running a warm up before hand at 6.30pm. All performances will start at 7:30pm. Please note, the times are start times on stage, so plan to be at the theatre early to get in to costume, put on make-up and warm-up properly. Please be prepared with full stage make-up for all three rehearsals.

We will do our best to try and give every one a chance to run through things twice, but time is short, so make sure you are ready when you are called.

The Tuesday Dress Rehearsal is a full run through as a performance; we will only stop if there are real problems.

tuesday thursday


Everyone must enter and exit the theatre through the stage door for fire, health and safety rules. Please remember to sign-in and sign-out.

The stage door for the Rhoda McGaw is in the scene dock behind the theatre, and not the main stage door on Victoria Way. Parking is available in the main Peacocks centre car park.


There will be a final group bow at the end of the performance for the entire cast. We will be rehearsing this bow at the theatre on the Sunday and Monday evenings, as part of the technical rehearsal.


You will need stage make-up for the performance and Tuesday dress rehearsal; normal day-to-day make-up will not ‘cut it’ under stage lights (you’ll look as if you are about to pass out!). Avoid blue eye shadow too – as it makes you look like you have four eyes!!!!


Dressing rooms will be assigned; check the list in the studio and on the door of each room at the theatre.

Remember to remove all jewellery and watches before going up to the stage. If you have any valuable items we recommend that you leave them at home and do not bring them to the theatre, as we can not guarantee the security of the back-stage area when you are on stage.

On each evening we will be running a warm-up on stage at 6:30pm. The warm-up is optional, but if you can't make the warm-up then it is your responsibility to warm-up appropriately and prepare yourself to perform. We will then rehearse the Bow at 6:30pm followed by a chance to rehearse any pieces that are having problems at 6:45pm. We must clear the stage at 7:00pm to let the audience in, and the performance will start at 7:30pm.

Please stay in your dressing room until you are called to the stage for your piece. As soon as you reach the double doors by the side of the stage you should reduce noise to a whisper so it does not carry on stage. Please exit the back-stage area as soon as you have finished your piece and return to your dressing room. When you are back stage please pay attention and look out for hot lights, smoke machines and cables on the ground. Also pay attention to where you stand in the wings; if you can see the audience they can see you! Keep out of the way of dancers who may be entering and exiting.

We hope you can understand that these are basic things that we must all adhere to in order to ensure that there are no accidents that could have been avoided.

tuesday tuesday


Immediately after the show on the Saturday night we will be holding a cast and crew party in the theatre bar. This is a cash only bar, so please remember your money.

Please remove all your belongings from the backstage area, and put your costumes in the scene dock before joining the party.


The show may stop on Saturday evening, but there’s still plenty of things to be done and we would appreciate your help (after a good lie in for those of you without ankle-biters).

We need volunteers to return to the theatre on Sunday Morning at 9:00 am to help clean-up and transport all the costumes back to the studio.

We would also like volunteers to be at the studio to sort out, package and hang the costumes from 10:00 am onwards.

Many hands will make light work of this job and also save the regulars from another early morning's work.


Fun stuff

We have created a range of WDS and Spirit in Motion t-shirts, sweat-shirts and accessories, take a look at https://shop.spreadshirt.co.uk/292712/

You can also create your own designs if you want.